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 WELCOME to a journey you may grow to love.

I have always had a passion to learn bodywork and energy. And to teach other people how to help themselves naturally in using it..

I have been blessed to have got my certifications in several different techniques in energy.

This is truly my dream come true. I love helping and teaching others, just like myself you can learn to help yourself. You can learn in the comfort of your home to take a little stress off your life by learning to help yourself and your family. Everyone can learn to use essential oils and can learn the pressure points. Its amazing how they can help Emotionally and Physically.  

There will be 100+ oils and uses to help you with making your journey on its way to take a little stress off you and your family. Go to to start learning how to help yourself.

I remember years ago about 35 years ago my Mother-in-Law telling me I'm a natural in foot work. I loved working on people, they would ask me to rub here or there on their bodies and how I could make their headache or whatever it was at the time go away. She said you are a natural in this and got me my first Reflexology Book.

My journey began in this field. I would play with it a little with my family and myself. I was so interested what it could do, just working with pressure points on your feet how it could help the rest of your body.

Around 16 years a job I had at the time, we were all told to start thinking of what we would like to study in school cause we were going to lose our jobs or be contracted out. So I know what I wanted to study, some kind of energy work. I thought my journey was about to began and I would get my certification. Little did I know I would keep my job and be contracted out. That was great at the time but 9 years later it was time for me to move on with my passion. I always know I was a little unique and I started getting my certifications in bodywork.

I started with getting my certification in Reiki and later got my Masters Level 3. From there I started studying scents and the benefits of it and essentials oils, later got my certification in several different kinds of energy work and love them all. I've seen how well the different kinds work and how much stress it can take off a family to learn how you to can learn reflexology and using the oils on the pressure points to help with physical and emotional conditions.

Its so rewarding to know you can look at a chart and add essential oils to the pressure points and make a difference in your life or your family member.

I fill I've truly been blessed to been guided to the classes I've taken and can help other people learn the techniques of them helping themselves.

I hope this webpage can help you with your condition or can help a loved one.

Thank you and have a blessed day!

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The oils are to assist you with another tool to have in your tool box to assist yourself to take a little stress from your life.

It's NOT to replace what your Dr. has told you to do.

They may assist you so you can have something at home or if your a long way from a Dr. you can at least try helping yourself till help can arrive. We all know how stress is a big factor in our lives with causing more concerns, problems etc.