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Nov. 13

Posted on November 12, 2016 at 9:10 AM

Nov. 13 Oil of the day Melissa, Cypress, slim and Sassy.


Look up today at the stars and remember you are a unique star and put on this earth to share your talents, the gifts that God gave you. So shine like the star you are. Let your light shine.


Stay positive and motivated to put all you have to offer into action.


Your past blocks have been melted away, shine your inner beauty.


SLIM & SASSY is the oil of Inner Beauty. Its the Melabolic Blend.


This oil supports physical aspects as well as emotional, which underlines you extra heavy pounds. It releases heavy emotions contribute to physical and emotional pounds.


MELISSA is the oil of light. It awakens the soul to truth and light. This oil puts a spark into your enengy field, ingiting your True Self. It also sheds everything that is in harmony with your inner beauty.


CYPRESS is the oil of Motion and Flow. This powerful oil creates energetic flow and chlear emotions. Helps put stagnant energy into action. It can also help with the flow and put your plan into motion. Cypress teaches the soul how to let of of past by moving with the flow of life.Cypress is a good oil for bone spurs, Circulation, Concussion, Stoke, Varicose Veins.




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