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Nov. 28

Posted on November 27, 2016 at 7:15 PM Comments comments (2875)

Nov. 28 Oil of the day. Balance, Rosemary.


Tomorrow is the New Moon this can be uplifting, look at yourself and all your relationships, you have in life, that means not just a relationship with another person as your mate. All relationships in your life and see where and who you are, if you know, then go with the flow of life and soar into your next journey.


Write down everything you've learned about yourself and be proud of who you have become and the story of your life, all past relationships and present.


Enjoy all the memories that come up and be grateful, make sure to relax and stay focused and balanced so you can go with ease with no fear.


Rosemary is the oil of Knowledge and Transition. It assists you in the development of true knowledge. It teaches you it can be far greater than the human mind..


It supports you in bringing new information.


Balance is the oil for grounding. It can help you balance fun and work both are needed to have a fulfilling life. Well rounded.



Nov. 25

Posted on November 26, 2016 at 11:50 AM Comments comments (163)

Oil of the day. In Tune, Bergamot, Wild Orange, Elevation.

Good time fo focus on yourself and balance your life. Have self acceptanced and self value.

Listen to your heart and gut  and go with what you are being told. You've learned  a lot of lessons over the past years and know your self-worth, be grateful for all the lessons good and bad as you thought at the time, they were lessons to learn from and you did.

You have the power to climb over any mountain so spread your wings and soar.

IN TUNE is the oil of focus blend. It calms the mind, and facilitation inner peace. It has grounding power also.

BERGAMOT is the oil of self acceptance. It helps bring out your self value and self love, self worth to have confidence in yourself.

ELEVATION is the Joyful Blend. This blend can bring more joy, fun and bring higher energy levels.

WILD ORANGE is the oil of abundance. It inspires fun, joy and play back into your life. In an abundant way.

 I go to Elizabeth Peru's page and read the energy of the universe. I match the universal energy and match an essential oils to help us with any concerns we may face for the day.

Nov. 24

Posted on November 24, 2016 at 11:15 AM Comments comments (107)

all your desires will be explosive day and the good news is being delivered and fulfilled for all the hard work you've been doing, you've been waiting a longtime for this so enjoy and accept the rewards.


Look for the rainbow and go to the end for you pot of gold, be brave now and enjoy and be grateful. Remember to stay positive, relaxed and breathe deep to stay calm.


GINGER is the oil of empowerment. It has a purpose and will help you fulfill your purpose in life.


Bergamot is the oil of self acceptance. It helps you accept your self-worth and self-value. It encourage you of self love. It awakens the soul to hope and offers encouragement to share yourself and all the natural talents you have to offer.


WILD ORANGE is the oil of abundance. It helps you to inspire the abundance of gifts you have to offer the universe. It inspires positive mood, fun, creativity and play in your life.


I read the forecast of the universeal energy from Elizabeth Peru so I can match the energy for us and can use essential oils to help with any conditions that may come up to help balance .



Nov. 23

Posted on November 23, 2016 at 10:35 AM Comments comments (938)

Oil of the day. Roman Chamomile, Frankincense.

November is the month to awaken the spiritual truth of whto you are and what you have to offer, You are a unique person and have a unique gift to offer,  go fourth and let the universe awear of the talents. We are free to stand up and be heard.

Remember to keep your stress level down and stay healthy. Keep you head high and shoulders back, it makes a difference in how we feel.

ROMAN CHAMOMILE is the oil of spiritual purpose. It affects the body systems of the Nervous System, Emotional Balance. It also can help with calming,menopause, shock and rashes.

FRANKINCENSE is the oil of truth. It can help with asthma, breathing, aging brian, confusion, depression, memory, mental fatugue, may help the nervouse system, emotional balance and immune system. It invites you to let go of lower vibrations.

I read the universal energy forecast by Elizabeth Peru she is a wonderful forecaster. So I can match our energy with the energy of the universe to help us cope with the things going on in the universe.

Thank you for supporting me with all I love to do.

Nov. 19

Posted on November 19, 2016 at 7:25 PM Comments comments (115)

Nov. 19 Oil of the day. Ginger, Elevation, Bergamot, Rose.


You may be pushed to your desires and dreams of your career that you love to do. so go with the light and love for you are already living the dream. Just be grateful for all the wonders of live that you can enjoy. Be grateful for all you have work, love, family, friends, health.


We have the power to create what we desire and the universe is right there to help us. You may have more opportunties opening up for you. Remember all the talents you were born with, your natural talents so put them out for people to enjoy and support you.


You have self-worth and self-love hold your shoulders high and chin up and head held high with confidence.


BERGAMOT is the oil of self-acceptance. So you don't have self-judgment and it can help with your self-worth and confidence if you are laking them.


GINGER is the oil of empowerment. It has a purpose and it hods no reservations to fulfilling it.


ROSE is the oil of divine love. It has the highest freqauency of all the oils on the planet. Its a pwerful healer of the heart. It teaches grace and ease. It invites you to unconditional love of the divine.


ELEVATION is the Joyful Blend the oil of joy.


It has a blend of citrus to help bring up your spirits. It can raise the energy levels into highter states. It inspires joy, happiness and cheerfulness.


I read the forecast from Elizabeth Peru for the universal energy. She is a wonderful forcaster of the energy from the universe, So I can match your energy with the energy of the universe to help you without the day.


Blessings and love and light.




Nov. 15

Posted on November 19, 2016 at 6:30 PM Comments comments (127)

Oil of the day. Balance, Wild Orange, On Guard. Lavender

  Its a good time to balance your energy and stay positive. If you have any old havits that you need to shed now is the time to get new skin and shed the oid.

Make sure you speak up and says something if it needs to get off your chest.

BALANCE is the oil for grounding. It can help you balance emotionaaly and phyusically. This oil is great for people who are hyperactive to help calm them down.

WILD ORANGE is the oil of abundance. It can help with a wide variety of emotional issues. Also let go of negativity and stay in a positive mood.

ON GUARD is the pretective blend. This oil pretedcts you from the cold and flu season and also excellent for wanding off negative parasites, domineering people.

LAVENDER is the oil for communication. Helps you to speak up when needed.

   Elizebeth Peru is the reader of the universe energy that I use for the energy of the universe so I can match it with the oil of the day to help you with your energy and the energy with the universe.

Nov. 13

Posted on November 12, 2016 at 9:10 AM Comments comments (238)

Nov. 13 Oil of the day Melissa, Cypress, slim and Sassy.


Look up today at the stars and remember you are a unique star and put on this earth to share your talents, the gifts that God gave you. So shine like the star you are. Let your light shine.


Stay positive and motivated to put all you have to offer into action.


Your past blocks have been melted away, shine your inner beauty.


SLIM & SASSY is the oil of Inner Beauty. Its the Melabolic Blend.


This oil supports physical aspects as well as emotional, which underlines you extra heavy pounds. It releases heavy emotions contribute to physical and emotional pounds.


MELISSA is the oil of light. It awakens the soul to truth and light. This oil puts a spark into your enengy field, ingiting your True Self. It also sheds everything that is in harmony with your inner beauty.


CYPRESS is the oil of Motion and Flow. This powerful oil creates energetic flow and chlear emotions. Helps put stagnant energy into action. It can also help with the flow and put your plan into motion. Cypress teaches the soul how to let of of past by moving with the flow of life.Cypress is a good oil for bone spurs, Circulation, Concussion, Stoke, Varicose Veins.




Nov. 12

Posted on November 12, 2016 at 8:35 AM Comments comments (158)

Nov. 12 Oil of the day. Zendocrine, Bergamot, Lavender.

This is a day of transition. Place firmly your value and worth. If your ready for a big move on your employment, you will be supported.

Put out in the universe all your talents and skills that you have to offer. You are a unique gift so let it shine.

We live in a country were we have the freedom of speech. Let out the news. I'm a gifted natural earth healer, with teaching skills to offer you how to help yourself and your family using pressure points and natural essentail oils.

ZENDOCRINE is the Detoxification Blend. The oil of Transition. It generally cleanse the organs. Emotionally assist during time of change. Detoxing old habits.

BERGAMOT is the oil of self acceptance. Helps with feelings of self judgment worth and helps with low self esteem.

LAVENDER is the oil of communication. Helps with claming so you can speak your truth. Assists in past experiences so you can speak out with judgment.

Nov. 11

Posted on November 11, 2016 at 1:10 PM Comments comments (1732)

Nov. 11 Oil of the day. Wild Orange, Tangerine.


Today is a powerful day so go forth with your dreams high. Higher then you think could be possible. The universe is behind you so let go of any controlling things or thoughts that no longer serve your highest purpose.


This day is special its 11/11 it holds opportunities opening up for you, so stay focused on YOUR personal growth. When you see 11 or 11:11, 1:11 this means you are on the right path.


Focus on all your talents and creativities you have to offer and be grateful for all you've learned over the years. Good and bad they are lessons to learn from.


TANGERINE is the oil of creativety and cheer. It is powerful with qualities of cheer and joyfulness to left you from a bad moods. It helps you reinsert joy and fun back into your life. It helps with your immune system.


WILD ORANGE is the oil of abundance. Helps with emotional issues. It inspires abundance, creativity and supports a postive mood. Also its good for sleep if you have trouble staying to sleep, heart palpitations, and nervouseness.




Nov. 10

Posted on November 10, 2016 at 5:15 PM Comments comments (115)

Nov. 10 Oil of the day. Citrus Bliss, Rosemary.


Today you may have been reflecting on the past. Remember all the skills you have learned. Now start using the abilities that come natural to you. Be creative with all the lessons you have learned and just have fun being creative. Do what you love and enjoy and are good at and everything will be a success.


Today you have a personal freedom, just reflect on a non judgmental way.


ROSEMARY is the oil of Knowledge and Tramsition. It teaches that you can be instructed from a for greater space of understanding than the human mind.


Rosemay is good for the immune system, respirtory and nervous system.


CITRUS BLISS is the oil of creativity. Known as the Invigorating Blend. It acts as a powerful fire starter. It helps with motivation when needed. Help the immune system and emotional balance.